Welcome to the Muddy's experience. Located in Portland, Oregon on the East side of North Mississippi Avenue, about a block North of Freemont.

We give the friendliest most honest service in the region(or so we've been told by everybody). We serve fresh pastries with our outstanding coffee drinks. All breakfasts except for some of the healthy ones include bacon (because we like bacon).

Our soups are handmade every morning and usually sell out so fast we have a line at the door and we have to shoo people off with a straw broom.

We always have daily specials - yummy stuff your mom would make you when you were growing up like French toast, carmelized somethin' quiche, heart startling strattas, sandwiches made of whatever is awesome and lots of home-made pastries.

Whether you are looking for a quick bite, a full meal or just a place to hang and think (or surf the net), we are happy to oblige. Everything from the squirrells on the patio to the birds in the chimney are 100% organic.

Please enjoy our homey atmosphere and expect to be treated like family. Just pick up after yourself and you won't get grounded for 2 weeks.

Now seriously folks, tell your friends about us and drop us a line if you have any questions, interesting stories, ideas, jokes (clean or not) or comments.

Thanks a bunch.




On the site here, we will share the stories that unfold as life spins madly forward for all of us in this community. You can see what's going on here at Muddy's like art shows and performances, find out a little about the high-brow folks serving you, find out who the folks visiting and supporting us here might be. Plus all the usual info like menu options, hours, contact info, etc. So, go ahead, snoop around - just make sure you shut the door behind you.



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